We learned today that our beloved friend Rafael Bejarano is gone. He was shot in Egypt while doing a spiritual tour with his mother. Twelve people in this peaceful group were pronounced dead and many remain hospitalized with wounds to their bodies and to their hearts. Reports say they were in an area that was off limits due to the fighting going on between the Egyptian government and local terrorists. The area was only 37 miles south of Cairo and a few miles from a popular tourist destination. A friend of mine posted; “The loss is so huge. He is an amazing being and I am incredibly sad that I will not get more time with him in this lifetime. My desire is that his death creates action that helps to find a solution for the terrorism occurring in the world” I concur. Let peace and love lead the way. Days like today tug at our heart, our soul and our consciousness. He was so loved and we as a humanity and unified world were loved, by him. His light now shines as a flame for hope and oneness. We will always remember and cherish his beauty, grace, goodness and his light,