Product Description

Based on Nicole’s acclaimed seminar, this Teleclass teaches you how to have unlimited power and unlimited potential in your body. Learn how to live the life of your dreams, break beyond the impossible, and turn every barrier, every wall and every hurdle into a gate. Learn how to master your body and your life with ease, humor, and a touch of Nicole’s magic. Drawn from Nicole’s miraculous life, her uplifting story will inspire you to your greatest heights.

A favorite speaker across the globe her wit, comprehensiveness and clarity will having you leaping from your seats with the keys in hand to master your world. As a Master Fitness Instructor her Transformational Work with the Pediatric Pain Program, World Class Athletes and Celebrities is known around the world.

Nicole will masterfully unravel the mysteries and give you the lost secrets and tools to living a Happy, Healthy and a Wealthy Life.

Nicole is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and holds certifications in health, fitness, reiki, dance, pilates, life coaching and sports and injury rehabilitation. She has worked extensively in the fields of heart attack recovery, stroke, parkinson, hi end fitness, golf, tennis, competitive athletic training, race car reflexes, sports rehab, joint mobility, arthritis and coaching for those on the go. Nicole offers a global “Train the Trainers” Certification Program in advanced fitness worldwide.

You will learn:

— Ten Tools for a Better Life

— Reach for your Dreams

— Unleash Your Body’s Full Potential

— (Recover From and Prevent Injuries)

— (Find Balance in Your Life, Work and Body)

— (Improve Your Energy, Stamina and Vitality)

— (Live Pain Free)