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Be healthy! Reduce stress! Increase productivity!

Research has shown that physical exercise boosts brain function, improves mood, and increases learning.

“One of the best ways to maximize the brain is through exercise [and] movement,” says Dr. John J. Ratey, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. “Everybody feels better after exercise. There’s a reason for it.”

In fact, exercise directly affects mood-altering brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Activating these chemicals in the brain leads to mood elevation, increased brain function, and physical vitality.

Your company can take advantage of this mind-body connection and create the ultimate corporate team! Our Aim for Excellence panel will guide your company towards realizing its potential for personal and corporate success. Be prepared to recognize and overcome your psychological and physical limitations through body awareness, nutrition, meditation, and music.

Boost employee morale and productivity by introducing them to our panel of experts, who will teach them how to break old habits and forge new paths to health, wealth, and abundance!

Nicole Brandon, a master Pilates instructor and an expert in dance, fitness movement and physical arts, will show every employee how to achieve inner strength, flexibility, and balance. Prepare to break down barriers and attain the impossible! Nicole focuses on the principles of health, healing, individual attention, wellness, fitness, and personal growth. Nicole has created specially-designed exercises that incorporate the latest discoveries in Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Dance, Health, Wellness and Nutrition. Her popular programs include Reaching Your Goals, Finances and Dreams, and Pain Free Living. Nicole’s personal success and her extraordinary story compels people and inspires them to have the body, and the life, of their dreams. She challenges the body to its highest level of potentiality while making you laugh and feel better than ever before. Her storytelling captivates the mind, and her incredible knowledge of the body targets problems with ease. As Nicole explains, “it’s just like Christmas lights. I’m simply untangling the knots so you can shine like you’ve never shone before.” In her spare time Nicole races sailboats, rides horses bareback, flies on the high wire trapeze, dances whenever she hears music, and takes every opportunity to teach people about the magic and unlimited power of their bodies. She loves guiding everyone she meets to a healthier and happier life. Nicole is currently writing books and traveling the world speaking and teaching on the “Art of the Possible.”

Fred Johnson, an acclaimed jazz musician and healer, will help participants understand and utilize the healing power of music and sound. Research shows that music, dance, and the visual arts can serve as wellness enhancers. It has been well documented that many people use creative expression as a way of managing stress and pain. In his workshops, Fred Johnson helps participants understand and utilize the empowering triangle of thought, breath, and sound as a way to access their reservoir of health and healing.

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John Farrell has had a history in the mind-body game spanning 15 years. A strong foundation in resistance exercises and martial arts spurred him on a path of exploration that has varied his fitness education to encompass both elements of yin and yang in training his clientele. Expect a dose of humor and the unconventional when training with John, as he’s known for poking fun at convention whenever appropriate! We offer day and weekend seminars and are happy to cater to your company’s goals, needs and vision.

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