“Where would we be without coaches?” asks Raymond Aaron, acclaimed author and creator of the Monthly Mentor program. Coaches guide us and lead us to our greatness. Even the best athletes in the world have a coach. In business we call them mentors, in schools we call them teachers, in life we call them leaders, in childhood we call them parents.

From piano to ballet, from football to math, coaches unravel the mystery and teach us the rules of the game. Coaches guide us to win and to win big. They teach us to focus, to achieve, to strive, to soar, to reach our dreams and our goals, and to break through every wall. They help us succeed over and over again.

Nicole is a coach amongst coaches. Her clients include some of the top coaches in the world. Her insight, knowledge, humor, determination, skill, and vision make her a favorite in leadership today. Nicole is an explorer who will help you find the missing piece of the puzzle—the missing link to your success. She’ll guide you to your dreams while teaching you to achieve all you’ve ever wanted. You’ll realize your ultimate power and potential as she unleashes your gifts, sets flight to your visions, and enhances your life.

Her coaching, whether in the classroom or workshop setting – or right by your side – will forever change your life. If you want to make a positive change in your life, look no further. Nicole is the coach for you.

Prices are $5,000 for a month of training or $50,000 for a full year of training. For more information and to learn how to sign up, please call 1-888-952-1112 or fill out the form on our booking page.

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